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About The Book & Author: Hans Johnson

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you’re doing well by most people’s standards. But despite your outward success, the income you earn only feeds an endless cycle of consumption, debt, and despair. You need a simpler, more effective approach to money management—and life.

True Wealth Formula: How to Master Money, Live Free & Build A Legacy is a step-by-step roadmap and master strategy to gain control over your money and master the investing game, while delving into the deeper meaning of wealth, relationships, fulfillment, and legacy. Offering unconventional but proven strategies, Hans Johnson shows you how to sift through the ungodly amount of financial information out there, and develop a reliable system that produces repeatable, automated results.

The door to personal freedom lies within you. True Wealth Formula will show you how to unlock it and gain access to the life of momentum and blessing you were intended for.

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Hans Johnson along with his wife, Dani Johnson, have transformed hundreds of lives over the last two plus decades; mine included.

Because of the True Wealth Formula, my family and I have truly blessed and want to pass on that knowledge to our fans! This isn’t another “get rich quick” book or even a book about getting rich. The True Wealth Formula provides a SYSTEM and a FOUNDATION for you to build WEALTH and a LEGACY for your family!

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