EP 15 The Death of Trust, WHO flip-flops, COVID Numbers Rise, & Defunding Police1 min read

Episode Summary

Quinton & Sal return from a news break to talk about the death of trust. WHO continues to flip-flop and riots continue in major cities.

Episode Notes

Sometimes even contrarians need a break from the news. Quinton and Sal dive back into the news to discuss the death of trust with news going back and forth from the WHO. 

The stock market returns to all time 50 best days. 

As riots continue in major cities because of police brutality, we discussed the possibilities of cities disbanding or defunding police and what that might look like.

Stories we discussed:

COVID Asymptomatic spread rare, says WHO

Texas reports a record number of cases after reopening

Riots & Looting in Cities

By Sal B

Sal is an Army veteran having served eight years. As a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston, he focuses on designing and marketing websites through Ariel Digital. A lover of psychology and philosophy, Sal brings his unique perspective to The New Normal.

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