EP 014 Modern Race Relations and the George Floyd Flashpoint1 min read

Thousands took to the streets in Minneapolis to protest against the death of George Floyd, killed by a white cop (Picture: Getty/AP)

Trent Cannon joins the show to discuss the history of race relations and the media’s role in fomenting emotional reactions after events like the murder of George Floyd.


The history of racial tension leading to events like Rodney King, Eric Carter and now George Floyd may have hit a boiling point.

Sal & Quinton discuss what the situation would’ve looked like if someone had stopped the police officers with civil disobedience.

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By Sal B

Sal is an Army veteran having served eight years. As a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston, he focuses on designing and marketing websites through Ariel Digital. A lover of psychology and philosophy, Sal brings his unique perspective to The New Normal.

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