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Quinton & Sal welcome multi-millionaire author, speaker, and business coach Hans Johnson.

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We sat down with Hans Johnson to discuss his new book, True Wealth Formula: How to Master Money, Live Free & Build a Legacy.

We covered a number topics including:

  • Growing up in Hawaii and Hans’ first job at 8 years old
  • Finding a mentor that set him on the path to financial freedom
  • The process of development True Wealth Formula, the Wealth Builder App, and writing his first book

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About Hans Johnson

Hans Johnson rose from a childhood of poverty to become co-founder and chief executive of a multimillion-dollar business (Destiny Global, LLC). Raised in Hawaii, Hans started his first business at the age of eight, learning thought self-study, innate curiosity, and the desire to transcend his circumstances. By the time he was twenty-three, he was featured in Success magazine for earning a six-digit income as the owner of a home business. Today, he is he developer of the True Wealth Formula system and Wealth-Builder app, available in app stores. Hans is a fellow Texan – the best Country in the USA, where he lives with his wife, inspirational speaker, author, and coach Dani Johnson.

He is also co-Founder of Kings Ransom Foundation a non-profit through which he and his wife Dani have passionately given away millions to orphanages and abused kids and women from around the world. 

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