EP 002 Coronaweapon or Coronahoax?2 min read

Episode Summary

Quinton & Sal dive into the new narrative being pushed that the Wuhan/China Coronavirus may possibly be a bio-engineered virus. We also discuss how you can change your mindset to be more financially free post-pandemic.

Episode Notes

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On Episode 2:

  • Bio-Weapon? If so, accident or intentional?
  • To what end? Weaken economy – buy up cheap assets (our debt to China)
  • How to financially stay on track … saving …saving … saving … go back to ESSENTIAL spending

Watch Out For China Buying Spree, NATO Warns

Wake up and smell the Alinsky

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By Sal B

Sal is an Army veteran having served eight years. As a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston, he focuses on designing and marketing websites through Ariel Digital. A lover of psychology and philosophy, Sal brings his unique perspective to The New Normal.

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