America’s Frontline Doctors Address Covid-19 Misinformation [uncensored]1 min read

UPDATE 2: Sal’s tweet to help the Group was featured on Breitbart

UPDATE: Their website, hosted by Squarespace, has been removed.

The video accumulated over 17 million views during the eight hours it was hosted on Facebook, with over 185,000 concurrent viewers. It was banned & removed on every platform over and over. It shows people are starved for the truth!

A group of doctors, who call themselves, America’s Frontline Doctors, hold a press conference to talk about the ongoing panic over Covid-19 how it is harming the nation. Some of them tout hydroxychloroquine as a preventative and cure for the COVID-19.

This video has been censored on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. No matter what you think of the presentation, the public ought to be treated like adults, allowed to see it, and decide for themselves.

Breitbart hosted the Facebook live which was promoted by Tea Party Patriots.

By Sal B

Sal is an Army veteran having served eight years. As a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston, he focuses on designing and marketing websites through Ariel Digital. A lover of psychology and philosophy, Sal brings his unique perspective to The New Normal.

2 replies on “America’s Frontline Doctors Address Covid-19 Misinformation [uncensored]1 min read

Thanks for shairing this information with us
I pray that God would bless these doctors in a special way for their desire to help save us from this dreaded disease.

Since America’s Frontline was taken down.
Can you restore it?
Thank you sir for your kind support.

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