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The coronavirus is a once-in-a-century crisis.This event has confirmed everything most of you already assumed about our system; it’s completely broken. Our border is out of control. We have unregulated entry into our nation. Our jobs now belong to other nations. Our manufacturing and industrial might has been gutted. We can’t even produce the things at this moment that could save us. When we demand to do something we’re “racist”. They try to beat us down with this term as people die of a foreign illness. The false “Right” globalist RHINO’s obsession with the stock market tries to convince you that going back to work for their money is the solution. The message seems clear, “go back to your underemployed wage, in a job we haven’t figured out how to replace YOU in, yet”. The left and their media jackals feed you one lie after another about the situation, and give you both sides of a fake argument to bicker over. We’re now debating about whether this is fake or not, instead of holding the Elites accountable for what they’ve done to us. This crisis is their making, forged in their greed.

The economy is artificial. It’s not grassroots or organic. 

It was built through nepotistic and corrupt dealings of a banking system run amok and roughshod over our republic. Since 1913 our government has been beholden to these oligarchs.

They have regulated our food industry to the point of absurdity.

They pay farmers not to grow food so that we may import foreign food, and then we pave over our farmland, to build houses their corrupt banking system bought on land that used to feed us.

Making us dependent on foreign and potentially hostile nations for our food. As if having our manufacturing dependant on people who hate us wasn’t enough.

These globalist elites that outsourced our economy are presented as “better Americans” and “good businessmen”. How? By selling out their countrymen to do business with communists. They have enriched the lives of foreign communists at the expense of the American. The american parent, the american child, and all of those who will now die because we outsourced the essentials items that could be saving their lives right now. Who benefits from this, it isn’t you, it isn’t our nation

These are the same elites that received incentives or subsidies to poison our public with opiates. When addiction and deaths begin to rack up, our taxes are raised for more jails. We then pay for rehabilitation, more police, state hospitals, morgues, burials, and suicidal families. All of this for their profits, and falsely inflated stock prices built on the graves of those Americans they have destroyed.

These same people seek to replace you through unlimited H1B and EB5 visas. They force you to train your replacements so they can fire you. After you sacrificed time with your family, for a meager wage, and built the infrastructure we all use. Now that it’s built they can hire a 3rd tier foreigner for much less money, and that’s all that really matters, because now margins will increase and the stock price will go up. 

Once you’re laid off, maybe you want to start your own business. You apply for a small business loan from the same banks you’ve bailed out in the past. Do you get it, no. No help for you, but they give small business grants to foreigners who paid for a visa. Could you get such a small business grant,No! When do we start benefiting from such programs? Maybe you just don’t deserve it. After all those people are probably more American than you. At least that’s what they tell you.

They’ve imported illegal aliens to low skilled jobs that used to pay us more decades ago. They did it to lower our wages as opposed to paying an American a livable wage. These aliens they import to work slave wages cannot be expected to support a family on that wage. So who pays for all that those families lack? The American People! We pay for the education, the healthcare, the food,and the social disorder their workers create. All so the globalists can profit at our expense, again. They do this all against our will. Even as the american people have been demanding border control and a wall for decades! 

At what point were food prices supposed to go down with all of that low wage labor? I guess that was never the plan. It was always to increase profit margins, and to benefit shareholders. Many of which aren’t even Americans at this point.

Who bailed out the banks in ’08? Us. The American People! We can’t even get a temporary pause in our bills while we are mandated to stay home. The economy used to be local, and decentralized. Made up by the people and our communities, not banks! Our economy once served us because it was us! We do not live and die as cogs in the gears of a machine we don’t drive and don’t own! However, that’s how they want us to feel now. The economy was a tool and mechanism for Americans to engage in commerce to achieve greatness! It isn’t some abstract concept we serve and die for to achieve greatness for bankers.

This could be our “Yellow Vest” Moment!

However,  we’re too busy trying to disprove the virus, and try to convince people it is some conspiracy that’s designed to hurt the President. 

This proved everything that was said on his campaign trail. Now is the time to hold EVERYONE accountable. We need to move with full force on an agenda that brings us back to our greatness, and frees us from an abusive master that we have rescued in the past. A master that now devours our futures and our children’s futures. This could be our “Yellow Vest” moment, but hey let’s just let all of these people off the hook, argue about the talking points they set up for us, and watch meth heads, polygamists, and spouse murders abuse Tigers.

Where are you, American? Where are you, Patriot? Is this you now? Is this “The New Normal”? Or, are you going to do something about it?

By Q

No, not that Q.

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