030 // Turn Your Mess Into Your Message with Vince Shirey1 min read

Episode Summary

How did an Ohio State Trooper replace his annual salary by trading crypto? Vince Shirey joins the show and discusses his success in marriage, investing, and fitness!

Episode Notes

Vince Shirey has been married for over a decade and has successfully blended a family of five alongside his much better half 🙂 Krystina. In his “spare” time, Vince helps men and women get into the BEST SHAPE of their life, physically. But, he understands that physical fitness actually begins in the mind, so what are you thinking about? Vince first began training when his dad created a makeshift curl bar for him when he was three. Additionally, Vince and Krystina coach newlyweds and/or couples who have been married for years. Since becoming DEBT FREE they knew they had to help other couples attract abundance, joy, hope, and excitement for the future. Modeling to couples how to have the best, most fulfilling marriage ever… Even greater than their dreams. Vince is also mildly successful in cryptocurrency investing. 

Find Vince @, or Shireylife on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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Sal is an Army veteran having served eight years. As a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston, he focuses on designing and marketing websites through Ariel Digital. A lover of psychology and philosophy, Sal brings his unique perspective to The New Normal.

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